01.10.2023 - ?
Artist residency


Yana Abrasheva

With the project “Oberlicht” (working title), PUNTA Gallery is launching its residency programme for autumn 2023. For the next two months, the gallery will serve as a studio space for artist Yana Abrasheva - a process culminating in a solo exhibition and a series of panel talks.
With this programme we hope to give artists a space to work on a reflective and intuitive level, to result in new creative explorations. We aim to stimulate the creation of quality and thoughtful projects in the fine arts sector, including providing a space for work for those who need it.

In her project “Oberlicht” (working title), Yana explores the precarious state of industrial cultural heritage in her country of origin - Bulgaria. Within the scope of the exhibition production, she concentrates on creating a discourse through an in-depth exploration of the first industrial slaughterhouse in Bulgaria - Rodopa Combinat, built-in 1932.
curated by: Boyana Dzhikova

Yana Abrasheva holds a BA in Graphic Design from the Royal Academy in The Hague. She works both in the design and fine art fields. Her artistic practice is multidisciplinary, inspired mainly by heavy industrial practices, and their impact on ecology and society. In her work, she employs different research methodologies through which she interweaves speculative narratives with documentary materials, creating a space for dialogue and preconditions for new forms of imaginations. A pivotal point in the practice and narratives that Yana employs is sight-specificity: through field research, interviewing people, and visiting archives she collects social and forensic material which, then becomes the basis for her experimentation, process, and finished work.